Richard Ruggieri

For State Representative, District 13



Why I’m Running

Through Ellis Island and settling right here in Southern Chester County, my family has embraced this region for generations. I have deep roots in this community—born in Chester County Hospital, and my first home was in Landenberg.  District 13 is my home. When elected on November 3, 2020, I will be proud and honored to serve as the next Pennsylvania State Representative for District 13.


After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force.



My wife and I have two young sons.  I value education and our public schools.


Information Technology

I am an Assistant Vice President of IT Service Management at Barclays Bank in DE.



We must aim higher in our state legislature. Government only works when representatives honor and serve the people every single day. When elected, I will think independently and deliver pragmatic solutions to the challenges our community faces. You are my top priority. 

Education & Job Training

Property Tax Reform

Stewardship of Natural Resources


Andy Dinniman

State Senator—District 19

I enthusiastically endorse Richard Ruggieri for State Representative for District 13. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, he truly understands the meaning of service to your country and community. He most recently demonstrated this by stepping up for his community during COVID-19—working to alleviate food scarcity and helping seniors. Ruggieri also demonstrated real leadership for our natural resources by taking an early stand to save the Chester Water Authority. Richard will make an excellent State Representative for the District 13.

Dan Williams

PA State Representative, District 74

I am asking you to vote for Richard Ruggieri for State Representative for District 13 because he will be a voice for all Pennsylvanians in Harrisburg. He will be an advocate for the people and things that matter most in our community—education of our youth, job training and job growth, financial protection for our seniors, water protection and affordability, and healthcare. I look forward to calling him my colleague.

Marian Moskowitz

Chester County Commissioner, Chair

Richard Ruggieri is best choice for PA State Representative for District 13. Our community is facing increasing environmental concerns. We have troubling issues in our own backyards——open space, access to public natural resources, and water affordability. We need a strong leader and champion for stewardship of PA natural resources who will place the community above political party. District 13 needs Richard Ruggieri advocating for them as State Representative in Harrisburg.

Josh Maxwell

Chester County Commissioner

I am endorsing Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative for District 13 because one of the best ways to help your community is through service. No one understands service to his country and community like Richard who is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Chester County is a leader in our area for the most disabled veterans. In 2020, out of nine seats in Chester County, Richard Ruggieri is the only veteran running for the PA State House. With approximately 26,000 veterans living in our county, they deserve someone serving them who is not only concerned about their care and treatment, but also understands their needs. Rich Ruggieri will be that state legislator.

Fredda Maddox

Chester County Sheriff

Harrisburg is broken and there is something we can do about it——send Richard Ruggieri to Harrisburg. As a military veteran Richard knows how to fight, protect and serve our community and will bring honor, dignity and respect to all people in our community. More than ever, we must tackle tough issues with tough leaders, and I am proud to support and stand with Richard Ruggieri for the PA State House in District 13.

Margaret Reif

Chester County Controller

I enthusiastically endorse Richard Ruggieri; he will bring transparency and fiscal responsibility to Harrisburg. Working in the financial sector, Richard understands our economy in Pennsylvania. He will help our seniors by reforming property taxes and work to bring greater funding to our public schools. Vote for Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative for District 13.

Patricia Maisano

Chester County Treasurer

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative for District 13. Richard is a person of integrity; families and seniors will find a champion in him. He will bring diplomacy and much needed bipartisanship to the state government.

Christina VandePol

Chester County Coroner

Democrats need greater strength and numbers in the PA State House.  Here in Chester County, we can work to achieve a majority in Harrisburg by flipping all the remaining state house seats and retaining those that we have already gained. I am proud to support Richard Ruggieri, PA State House candidate for District  13, who will fight for the issues that matter most to Democrats, such as common-sense gun laws, environmental protections, racial equality, social justice, and fair districting.

Yolanda Van de Krol

Chester County Clerk of Courts

I wholeheartedly endorse Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative for District 13. With a background in Information Technology, Richard will enhance the digital infrastructure of our community making high-speed internet access a priority. He will also modernize communication in Harrisburg, which will make government more efficient for the people of Pennsylvania. Richard is the right choice for District 13 and for Pennsylvanians.

Debbie Bookman

Chester County Prothonotary

I believe that when you are serving others it is necessary to go the extra mile whenever possible and that is why I am endorsing Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative for District 13. During the COVID-19 crisis, Richard stood for his community. With his Operation Good Neighbor program, he collected thousands of non-perishable goods and essential items for those experiencing food insecurity in District 13. He is a hands on leader and one who will serve his community with great empathy.

Chris Pielli

Chester County Recorder of Deeds

As a veteran, it is my sincere honor to endorse Richard Ruggieri for PA State Representative. Richard understands the commitment of taking an oath to your country and community as a veteran of the United States Air Force. Honor and service is the core of our US armed forces. We need more veterans representing us in Harrisburg. We need Richard Ruggieri representing us in Harrisburg.

Michele Vaughn

Chester County Register of Wills

Richard Ruggieri is the right choice for PA State House. With his military training, interpersonal skills, and technological acuity, Richard is the leader that our community needs. I am proud to endorse Richard Ruggieri for PA State House Representative, District 13.

Kathi Cozzone

former Chester County Commissioner

I endorse Richard Ruggieri because his voice will be our voice in Harrisburg. With hard-work and diplomacy, he will face Pennsylvania’s problems head on. His background in the business world and technical expertise will translate to real leadership in our state government.

Tom Houghton

former PA State Representative, District 13

As a former London Grove Supervisor and State Representative for this District, I understand how crucial it is to increase education funding to our awesome public schools here in Chester County. We have too many seniors and struggling families being swamped by their property tax bills. The more funding Harrisburg sends to our schools, the less likely our school boards are forced to raise our property taxes. Rich Ruggieri gets this and that’s why he is the right candidate, at the right time.  He will get the job done for District 13; we will be lucky to have him. That’s why he has my endorsement!

Eric Schott

2012 Democratic Candidate for PA State Representative, District 13

Pennsylvania is not going to change until the status quo culture in Harrisburg changes and that is why I am endorsing Richard Ruggieri in his race here in the 13th legislative district. When I ran for this same seat in 2012 it was to properly fund education but not on the backs of property owners. My race focused on making sure that our state’s air and water was healthy and I pledged to improve the commonwealth’s roads, bridges and parks.

That these same nagging issues still exist is an indictment of our do-nothing, full time state legislature. Richard Ruggieri understands the problems that face Pennsylvania as it tries to attract young people to come here and raise their families. He knows that sending the same people back to Harrisburg, term after term, results in a backward looking, aging, environmentally challenged state. I am convinced that Richard Ruggieri will be the innovative and open minded legislator that southern Chester County needs.

Ann Schott

2014 Democratic Candidate for PA State Representative, District 13

As a public-school teacher for over 30 years, I understand the importance of having a strong voice for education in Harrisburg. Candidate Richard Ruggieri has children in our public schools and knows firsthand the challenges children and parents will face as we deal with this uncertain time. I believe strongly that it is time for a fresh voice in our state capital, specifically in the 13th District here in southern Chester County.

I have had the opportunity to work with Richard over the past 7 years; he is committed to making sure our district is well represented when it comes to new initiatives that move us forward. Our incumbent state representative has had 10 years to deliver on his promise to lower school property taxes and build a farrier, more equitable system of school funding. I know Richard Ruggieri is the right person to finally deliver on these priorities.

Nancy Dean

2016 Democratic Candidate for PA State Representative, District 13

I strongly endorse Richard Ruggieri for State Representative for District 13. I understand Richard Ruggieri’s experience of running for this position during a presidential election of this magnitude as I ran in 2016; however, Richard has the added challenge of running during a pandemic. Our community is lucky to have such a fantastic, qualified candidate. With our votes, our voices, our finances, and our actions, we must support him in any way we can to ensure his victory in November.

Sue Walker

2018 Democratic Candidate for PA State Representative, District 13

These are challenging times and our home district of PA 13 needs a leader who will has the ability to represent all of us.  Richard Ruggieri is the leader we deserve.  From his lifelong roots in our community and working on his family’s farm, through his initiative by enlisting in the USAF, his dedication to his family, and his knowledge of innovation and technology in the finance sector—Richard embodies a life of intention and working for the greater good.  He recognizes the needs of his neighbors and puts thought into action. Richard is steadfast in his dedication to public education, job training, property tax reform, protecting our seniors, and stewardship of Pennsylvania’s natural resources.  

There is much that is broken in Harrisburg and it is long past time for career politicians to meet these challenges.  Now more than ever before, it is time for a proven problem solver who will serve our community and country with distinction.  

In the 2020 election for State House District 13, I enthusiastically support Richard Ruggieri.



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